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Present-2004 Sales in studio by appointment only

2004-2001 Original sales from art studio-by appointment only

2001 Opera Gallery - N.Y.C. Fantasy and Symbolism

1999 - 1998 Discovery Gallery - Maryland Mermaids, Fairies, and Angel Pastel Paintings.

1998 Gallery Revel - Soho, N.Y.C. Mermaid and Fairy Pastel Paintings.

1997-1998 Ambassador Gallery - Soho, N.Y.C. Mermaid Pastel Paintings.

1996-1997 Bruce R. Lewin Gallery, Soho, N.Y.C. Mermaid Pastel Paintings.

1996 One woman Show - L'Atelier Gallery, Piermont, N.Y. "Mermaids" Pastel Paintings.

1995-1994 CFM Gallery -Soho N.Y.C "hyper relism"art and fantasy pastel paintings

1993-1980 Sports Art (refer to sports resume)



Present-2011 Sheila Wolk Licensing / Publishing Company

2011-2006 Applejack Art Partners

2006-2003 Aquarius Images- fantasy posters



Present-2010 Sheila Wolk Licensing / Publishing Company

2010-2001 Licensing - Applejack Art Partners Licensing Products - greeting cards, t-shirts, calendars, tapestries, cross stitch patterns, coffee mugs, magnets, puzzles

1999 Book Cover Art - Penquin Publishing Title - "Tao Of The Goddess"

1998 Ted Simon Publishing - Canada 2 Mermaid Lithographs



2003-1985 Varied portraits upon commission Official Portrait of Judge James Watson for the United States Court International Trade -N.Y.C

LeFrak Family-N.Y.C

B.B. King - record album , tape and disc covers

Silverman Family- N.Y.C. 

Assorted celebrities in sports (refer to sports art resume)



2004 - 1999 Katherine T. Carter and Associates - Florida Teaching by appt/phone-"How To's" on entering Gallery, Publishing and Licensing World



2002 National Woman's Art Museum- archives-Wash.D.C.

2001 Phillip Ratner Museum - Maryland

2000-1994 (please refer to sports art resume)



1970 - 1966 Diploma Graduate of Corcoran School of Art, (Affiliate of G.W. University).Wasinngton D.C.

1966 - 1965 Kansas City Art Institute, MO.

1968 Exchange Student at Leeds School of Art, England. Toured with art group to Oxford, Stratford, Leeds and London with Corcoran Dean of Art, Roy Slade. 1975 - Salmagundi Club, Oil Painting with Jerry Knipscher

1978 School of Visual Arts, Evening Courses on Drawing: Nick Meglin & Jack Potter.



Present-1994 Went back to fine art pastel painting-Fantasy

1993-1991 Invented , manufactured and distributed designer "Bird Box's" -American Folk Art Museum (gift shop) , St. John the Devine Church (gift shop) , and many asst. gift stores- in Manhattan

1991 Took one year off from painting when mother died

1991 to 1980 Returned to Fine Arts, Painting of Hyper Realism, Sports, and Ballet, for galleries, Private Collectors and Corporations.

1980-1979 Invented, created , manufactured first "Volkswagon Tote Bags"- sold to Bonwit Tellers, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, "It's A Small World" Volkswagon mailorder catalogue, etc-expanded into pet carriers and assorted designs…ie.- animal crackers tote bags-and developed first mini tote for belts…articles written in NY Times, New York Magazine, and "Best Bets" in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

1978 - 1975   Freelance Anatomical Illustrator and Hand Letterer for Commercial Pharmaceutical Advertising Agencies.

1975 - 1970 Designer and Art Director for Sudler and Hennesy Pharmacuetical Advertising Agency (Parent Company: Young & Rubicam).



1996 National Library of Poetry-awarded second place in annual Poetry competition

1987 Woman's "Who's Who in professional & Executive Women in World"

1987 "Sports Artist of the Year" - United States Sports Archives and Museum, Alabama.

1986 Awarded "The Sauter-Margulies Award for Pastel" Presented by Allied Artists of America, Inc. for the advancement of American Art.

1985 Salmagundi Merit Award - Outstanding In Pastels, NYC.


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1991 - 1989 Mickey Mantle's Restaurant, NYC. Sports & Entertainment Gallery, CA.

1988 Citibank, NYC Olympic Celebration

1988 - 1987 BC/BS Nationwide & International Olympic Art Tour.

1986 Atrium Club, Galleria Bidg., NYC. Sport and Dance: Pastels.

1986 Atrium Club, Galleria Bidg., NYC. Hyper Realism Show: Pastels in Fine Arts.

1985 Citibank (57th st. Between 5th and 6th Aves.), NYC. Sport and Dance Pastels

1983 "Body and Dance in Motion," Spectrum Sports Art Ltd.  NYC.

1982 "A Captured Moment," First Woman's Bank, Washington, DC: Ballet Pastels.

1980 "Athletic Magic," Spectrum Sports Art Ltd., NYC.




1991 Babe Ruth Museum-portrait of Babe Ruth for anniversary show

1991 Tatou Restaurant - NY Knicks Auction & Celebration.

1990 - 1991 Sports & Entertainment Gallery, CA.: Silent Partner and Art Exhibitor. Pacific Enterprises, Los Angeles, CA

1989 Los Angeles Art Gallery, California: Group Show, Sports Art.

1987 - 1988 Micky Mantlets Restaurant, NYC. Sports Art.

1984 Major League Baseball Corporation: Cover Art for Official World Series Book. Cooperstown Hall of Fame: Baseball Pastels and World Series Art. 

Hilton Olympic Hotel, Sarejevo, Yugoslavia: Official Art for 1984 Winter Olympics.

"Time-Out Sports and Leisure in America," Tampa, Fla: Superbowl Art Show

1983 Montgomery County Arts Council: Pastel Donation for Auction, Proceeds to Maryland Arts Council of     Maryland Artists.

"Lines of Scrimage," Spectrum Sprots Art Ltd., NYC.

"Wolk and Mellon on Sports and Dance," A Two-Person Show- Spectrum Sports Art Ltd., Held for Two Months by Public Demand.

1982 Metropolitan Advertising Club, Auction and Donation, Proceeds to Special Olympics.

National Foundation for Retarded Children, Washington, DC: Permanent Pastel Display of Special Olympics.

1980 "Sports in Art," The Lobby Gallery, Illinois Chicago Bell Co. 

"Finish Line," Manufacturers Hanover Trust - NYC Marathon, Rubins Building, NYC. 

"The Presidents Show." A Traveling Group Show of  Presidential Portraits to: Spectrum Sports Art Ltd./Elaine Benson Gallery, NY/Philadephia College of Art, PA.

"Stakes," Spectrum Sports Art Ltd., NYC Annual Horse Show.

"Baseball Annual," Spectrum Sports Art Ltd., NYC.

"Soccer," Warner Communications, NYC.

1980 Olympic Winter Sports Show.

1979 "Wintergames," Spectrum Sports Art Ltd., NYC 

"Pinstripes and Brushstrokes," Spectrum Sports Art Ltd., NYC: Annual Baseball Show



The American Sport Art Museum and Archives - A Division Of the United States Sports Academy - Academy's Awards Of Sport 1987. Presented to Sheila Wolk for "Sports Artist of The Year".

Dodger Stadium - Luxury Suite/California.

BC/BS Olympics Paintings (Chicago BC/BS) Permanent Collection.

"ABC" (American Broadcasting Corp.) NYC. 1980 Official Olympic Art: "Bobsled," "Speedskater" and "Ice Hockey".

Sports Illustrated. "Budwiser Bobsled". Presented to Budwiser Corp., NYC, 1982.

1984 Official World Series Cover Art Painting on Permanent Display at the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY.

"White House." World Series official 1984 Lithograph Presented to President Ronald Reagan.

"L'eggs Mini-Marathon Corp." Presented from Dancer Fitzgerald Sample Corporation.

"WXKS" 108 FM Radio: 87 Portraits of Rock and Roll Celebrities for Lobby Mural.

"Manufacturers Hanover Trust." Official Pastel for 1980 Road Runner's NYC Marathon.

Woman Sports Hall of Fame." 6 Sepia Portraits of First Women to be Inducted into Hall of Fame: Presented as Gifts to Each Woman Inaugerated, 1983.

"Yankee Stadium." Luxury Suite Owned by Ed Eragoni (Owner of NYC Bus Service): Portraits of Ron Guidry, Rick Cerone, Dave Winfield, Ricky Henderson, and others.

"Heritage Entertainment" - Sports Painting "Ruth Gerhig" LA, Calif.

"McDonnell-Douglas" Aircraft - California - "Reggie Jackson," USA Bobsled.

"Barbara Barbara" Woman's High Fashion - Four Yankee Paintings.

Pacific Enterprises, Los Angeles, CA. Gas & Lighting Co. Two paintings commissioned for lobby Museum Collection.



Artist Magazine: 6 page article on history of being a pastel artist and the "How-To's" of pastel painting.

L.A. Magazine: Roy Firestone - ESPN "Olympic Pastels", Art Business news /sports Market Magazine/NY Times/Sports Illustrated.

Goal Magazine; 4-Page Article: "Pastel on Ice, Published by National Hockey Association.

Philadephia TV Guide: Cover Art, 1980 Winter Olympics (Eric Heiden Portrait).

New York Times: Review of Ron Guidry Portrait in Sports Section.

Art-Speak (MYC Gallery Newspaper): Review of Horse Mural for Show "Stakes".

Daily News: "Suzy" Column, Review of Portraits of Bill Rogers for 1980 Marathon.

Daily News: Review of "Presidential Traveling Show" Focus on My Portrait of Roosevelt.

Sports Extra: (WNEW TV): Feature on my Sports Pastels During "Sports Final News".

C.H.U.B. (Toronto Radio Show): Review of Official Portrait of Bjom Borg for "TennisCanada" Competitions.

New York Post: "Liz in the Afternoon" Marathon Show for Warner Communications.

Toronto Star (Newspaper): Review of Bjorn Borg Painting for TennisCanada.

"ABC and CBS" (Network TV): Showcasing Paintings for 1980 Olympics.

Tampa Museum:  "Time Out In Sports and Art In America". Book published for Superbowl Show Containing a review and Analogy of Technique in Pastel in sports 1984.

Sports Extra (WNEW TV): 1984 Documentary on First Woman in History to Paint the Cover of World Series Book; Highlighted My Work from 1979 to 1984.

This Week in Baseball (WNEW TV): Coverage on World Series Cover Art and My Life.



Sports T-shirts, - 4 assorted Interport Associates, Florida.

"Strike One" Baseball Trip-Tych, LA Art Sport Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA.

Official Olympic Pastels - (6) - United States Olumpic Committee & BC/BS Chicago.

"Bjorn Borg," Published by "Sportart" Gallery, Toronto

Spectrum Sports Art Ltd., NYC. "Triple Image," Ron Guidry Portrait Published by Yankee Stadium/Spectrum Sports Art Ltd.

"NYC Marathon," Sponsored by Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Spectrum Sports Art Ltd.

"Marcell Dionne," 31 Lithographs published by LA Kings Association, Sponsored by National Hockey League, Gifts to the Owner of Each Hockey Team.

"Marathon," Thom McAnn Show Promotion: Poster Premiums Nationwide.

1984 Official Olympic Posters: "USA Bobsled," Competitive Edge" (Skier), and "USA Goalie." Sponsored by ABC Network and Robert Landeau Associates, NYC for Sarejevo, Yugoslavia.

"On Deck for the Record," Pete Rose Official 1983 Poster and lithograph, Published by Robert Landeau associates.

"The Winners' Circle," Premium Campaign for Chubb Life America New Hampshire.

"The First Pitch, " 1984 World Series Cover Art for Official Program and Limited Series lithographs. Published by the Major League Baseball Corporation

B.B. King 1989 Record Album Cover, CD's and cassette covers.

Edge" (Skier), and "USA Goalie." Sponsored by ABC Network and Robert Landeau Associates, NYC for Sarejevo, Yugoslavia.





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